Advantages Of Faster Broadband

When comparing broadband providers you’ll see that most companies often refer to broadband speed and how fast their connection is, but in the real world what are the advantages of faster broadband? In this blog, we’re going to look at what a good connection to the internet means for your day to day life.

The average home has multiple devices that can connect to the internet, and these devices will be capable of streaming music, video and have other internet-enabled services. Here are some reasons why you need a faster connection.

Enjoy HD streaming

Advantages of Faster Broadband For Online Video Streaming.

If you stream video content then you’ll be aware that files for HD are bigger than standard definition. Bigger files mean more bandwidth to get the same download speed. If you opt for a faster connection you can stream in higher quality.

Faster downloads

4g Average Download speed (2016 Data)

With a faster internet connection, the time spent downloading will be far less. This means less time waiting for your download.

Multiple users

There are many devices and programs that use high amounts of bandwidth. Video calling, media streaming and online gaming can all use lots of data. If you have multiple devices you can use them with the confidence you won’t be strangling your bandwidth if you have a faster connection.

Faster web browsing

If you have a slow connection web pages can take forever to load. No one likes this frustration, so having a faster connection means less waiting for images to download.


Advantages of Faster Broadband For Online Gaming.

A faster connection means less buffering, which means a better gaming experience and the difference between conceding a goal on a FIFA tournament and pulling off a great last-ditch tackle.

Advantages of Faster Broadband for Video calling

Video calling on services like Skype, Zoom, and Apple’s Facetime can be a great way to stay in touch with someone, but they eat up bandwidth on your internet connection. A faster connection means waiting less time to connect, fewer dropouts and you won’t lose the picture.

Advantages For Online Backups

Advantages of Faster Broadband For Online Backups

This is one that people really don’t think about. Modern phones use the cloud for backups and this means connecting to the internet to achieve this. They do this while you’re sleeping and faster speeds mean you can backup quicker with less chance of errors.

Hopefully, this will explain why having a faster broadband connection is preferable, so you can now make a more informed decision.

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