Broadband Connection Keeps Cutting out 

If your broadband connection keeps cutting out, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. 

Broadband connection issues can be caused by any number of reasons, so before you start it is worth identifying where the potential issue lies. At a glance, your broadband router will help you identify these issues,

A broadband router is a device that helps connect your home or office network to the internet and will typically be provided to you by your service provider.

Most broadband routers will have a series of lights which indicate your current connection:

Green or BlueIf the light is solid, it means that the router is connected to a network and is working properly.
Orange  An orange light on your broadband router is that the device is not getting a proper internet connection.
Red   If you are seeing a red light it means that there router cannot establish a connection.

Check Your Broadband Router For Issues

First, check to see if there is an issue with your router. If your router is not functioning properly, it could be the cause of your connection issues. 

What to try

Try restarting your router and see if that solves the problem. For most connection issues, this will fix the problem. To give your router a restart you router you will need to do the following:

  1. Unplug or turn off the power to your router
  2. Wait around 60 seconds 
  3. Plug back in or turn on your router and wait around 5 minutes for the connection to resettle itself
  4. Test your connection again to see if things have improved.

If after trying this, things don’t improve – it may be worth contacting your service provider who will be able to investigate further.

Check Your Cables

Make sure that all the cables connecting your router are securely plugged in. Sometimes, a loose or damaged cable can cause intermittent connection issues. 

What to try

  1. Unplug and replug any cables to and from your router (remembering where you unplugged them from)
  2. Test your connection

Check For Interference

Check for any interference that might be causing the problem. Interference can be from other electronic devices or even the position of the router itself can sometimes cause broadband connections to drop. 

What to try

  1. If you think interference might be the case, try moving your router to a different location in your home. 
  2. Moving your router may not possible. if so, may be worth investing in a range extender to improve your wifi connection in areas of your home with poor signal.

If you’re still having trouble with your broadband connection, contact your broadband provider for help. Connections can drop out for various reasons and they should be able to help you identify the problem.

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