Can I get a 12-Month Sky Broadband Deal?

Can I get a 12-Month Sky Broadband Deal? Sky broadband is a popular option for UK households. But do they offer 12-month contracts now?

The minimum contract length that you can get with Sky Broadband is 18-months. An 18-month contract gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your broadband service will not be at the introductory rate for the next year and a half. 

However, if you are looking for a 12-month contract but want to keep with Sky’s services, it may be worth considering services such as NOW. Which is part of Sky and offers 12-month or no-contract broadband services. You can also add Sky services such as their Movies, Sports and Entertainment steaming packages for a no-contract monthly fee. 

You don’t need to use NOW’s broadband services to use their streaming services, therefore you may want to consider other 12-month broadband deals too.

What are the benefits of signing up for a 12-month contract?

When it comes to broadband contracts, there are a few different options to choose from, typically 12, 18 or 24 deals. One popular option is a 12-month contract. 

But what are the benefits of signing up for a 12-month broadband contract? Are there any drawbacks? Let’s take a closer look.

One of the biggest benefits of signing up for a 12-month contract is that it can often save you money compared to being on a rolling contract. Many broadband providers will offer discounts or other incentives to customers who sign up for 12-months or longer. This can be a great way to save money on your broadband bill each month.

Another benefit of a 12-month contract is that it can give you more financial reassurance. Committing yourself to a certain period, allows you to plan what you’ll be paying month on month. If you’re happy with your current broadband provider and plan, signing up for the longer terms will give you the best price for the coming months and years.

Are there any negatives to a 12-month Broadband contract?

For many broadband providers, the best deals are reserved for longer contracts. So you may not always get the best deal when you take out a 12-month contract.

Another disadvantage of 12-month broadband contracts is that by signing up for a longer period you are committing yourself to a provider for a certain term, bound by a contract. So if you want to switch providers then you will need to wait until your contract ends. 

Why choose a Sky Broadband Deal?

While it is not possible to get a 12-month Sky broadband deal. Sky broadband services are still a great way to get fast, reliable internet access. You can get an average of 900Mbps download speed with Sky’s Gigafast service, which is more than enough for even the busiest households. 

The best part about Sky’s broadband services is that they don’t require a credit check or deposit like some other providers do (unless taking it out with Sky Mobile or Sky Glass). Making it easy for anyone to get started with Sky Broadband without the worry of it impacting their credit score.

To sign up for Sky broadband services, all you need is your postcode and a phone line. Once you have these two things, you can go to the Sky Broadband website and sign up for an account.

When you set up your account, you’ll be able to choose your package and add-ons. You can also manage your account online, pay your bills, and view your usage history.


While Sky doesn’t provide 12-month broadband contracts. Sky does offer some competitive broadband deals on an 18-month contract. If a 12-month contract is the crux of your decision-making, then other providers that offer 12-month broadband deals would certainly be the only option. 

You can use our broadband comparison tool to easily compare Sky broadband deals against other leading providers in the UK.

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