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About Sky Broadband

Sky is a well-known satellite TV service provider along with being a fixed line ADSL and fibre optic broadband services. Sky Broadband started as a company named EasyNet, it soon purchased by BSkyB in 2005. Since then Sky has grown rapidly and even bought O2 and Be Broadband to become the largest ISP in UK.

Sky Broadband is known for its fixed price deals and wide variety of internet services that cover the entire area of your home or office. Sky Broadband provides low cost ADSL internet, home phone packages, superfast fibre optic broadband, calling packages, broadband and TV bundles along with Mobile Services.

Sky Broadband Broadband Premium

  • 18 month Contract

    Contract Length

    Sky Broadband's Broadband Premium package is on a 18 month contract.
  • Upto* 17mb Speed

    Broadband Speed

    With Sky Broadband's Broadband Premium package you will receive speeds of upto 17mbs. We always recommend using this provider's speed checker to get the estimated speed for your property.
  • Monthly usage

    Monthly Usage Limit

    Sky Broadband's Broadband Premium package comes with unlimited monthly usage. *No restrictions for heavy users.
£19.99Average Cost*Per Month + £0 Setup


Sky Broadband Router

On every successful sign-up Sky Broadband provides a free high speed Wi-Fi modem on to every new client to provide fast Wi-Fi to every area of their home/office.

Sky TV

Considering Sky’s main market was satellite TV, it only seems right for it to be one of finest satellite TV service providers today. Sky Broadband TV has hundreds of channels with great content. The best part is their combined packages of TV, phone and broadband offer great flexibility and great value. If you only want the satellite TV service you can find the prices and what’s included in the packages on their TV services page.

Sky Mobile

After acquiring the O2 network, Sky Broadband has officially joined the mobile industry.  Sky Broadband is now providing mobile plans powered by the O2 network and lets you customize your data plan as well as letting you roll over unused data.

Sky Broadband Services

Using the BT Openreach network Sky Broadband provides fixed line phone broadband. Sky Broadband offers up to Up to 17Mb Unlimited Broadband use through its ADSL services and up to 76MB with its fibre optic broadband services.

Sky Broadband

Using the BT Openreach network Sky Broadband provides fixed line phone broadband. Broadband provides speed up to 17MB along with unlimited downloads and web browsing as well as streaming for £18.99 for the 12 months, then the prices changes to £28.99. Sky Broadband provides a 12 month offer on a 12 month contract with no changes to prices in that duration or any download cap along with a 12 Month McAfee Internet Security Suite trial. You also get a free £9.95 modem router delivered to your home.

Sky Fibre Broadband

Sky Broadband provides 3 fibre optic packages: Sky Fibre (28.99 per month), Sky Fibre Unlimited (38.99 per month), & Sky Fibre Max (43.99.99 per month) for a set contract of 18 months. The Sky Fibre package provides you with download speeds up to 38Mb with a download limit of 25GB whereas the Sky Fibre Unlimited package provide you the same download speed only with unlimited downloads. Both the packages include line rental & Sky Talk along with a £59.95 one off set-up fee. If 38MB download speed wasn’t enough then the Sky Fibre Max package is worth checking out for you. The Sky Fibre Max package provides up to 76MB download speed along with unlimited downloads and a free Sky Q Hub for 43.99.99 per month for a set contract for 18 months.

Sky Broadband & Phone

Sky Broadband landline telephone service are included in all internet packages. Even if you don’t own a Landline phone, Sky Broadband requires a landline connection to work. Which is why the prices for Sky Broadband contain both the Broadband charges and line rental.


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