Finding The Right Broadband Deal

It can be confusing when you’re looking to get a new broadband deal, so in this blog, we’re looking to clear up the jargon and help you get the package that suits you best.

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What is the best broadband deal?

When it really comes down to it, the best broadband deal is the one that meets your needs for the best price. It really is as simple as that. So, we’re going to look at features available and whether you need them

Unlimited or Usage Limit?

If you use the internet to stream video content (Netflix, iPlayer etc), music (Spotify, Apple Music, or play games online then you will soon find yourself using lots of data. If you do any of these things you’ll probably need an unlimited package. If you just use it for checking emails you can make do with a data limit.

What Speed Do I Need?

If you stream regularly then you’ll be looking to get the package with the highest speeds. This means less waiting for content to download. If you only download files occasionally or browse social media then you can get a cheaper package with lower speeds and it won’t affect your user experience.

How many people will be using it?

The more people using your internet connection, the more it will slow down. If you have kids gaming, listening to music and other people watching streaming content you’ll be looking for faster speeds to avoid slowdowns.

Do you want TV?

If you are looking to pay for TV as well then suppliers like Sky, Virgin and BT can provide TV and broadband packages, saving you money on both TV and broadband.

Phone lines

Some broadband packages come with a landline too. If you use your landline often you can make use of free minute packages. If you use your mobile these won’t affect you so find a deal that doesn’t offer phone line deals.


Certain providers may offer vouchers, cash back or store cards. Don’t be swayed to get a certain package because of these offers, but they may be a useful perk for some.

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